The Benefits of Animals in Early Education

By November 14, 2016December 1st, 2016Information
guinea pig eating food out of red bowl

At Sunshine Day Care Centre, we have several pets for our children to play with and enjoy. We have a fish tank filled with beautiful Guppies, Catfish and Clown Loaches. As a result, the children understand good pet care and the importance of being sensitive to the aquatic environment of the fish. Our guinea pigs are always a favourite with the kids, offering the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with animals and learn how to be gentle and caring whilst handling small creatures.

We at Sunshine Day Care Centre Cairns enjoyed this article – “Benefits of Classroom Animals” from Pets in the Classroom  –  which highlights the benefits of having animals present in a child’s educational environment.

Some of the highlights include;

  • Pets Encourage Nurturing
  • Pets Build Self Esteem
  • Pets Teach Responsibility
  • Pets Become Friends