Unique Activities & Education

At Sunshine Day Care Centre, we offer the widest range of Educational programmes and fun activities of any Child Care Centre in Cairns.

We have Gardening lessons with the Sunshine team, Yoga classes with our professional Yoga instructor, professional Swimming lessons with C-ME Swim School, and much more.

Please contact the Child Care Centre team at Sunshine for more information on any of classes or activities offered.


We have our very own garden for outdoor education which is used to grow fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables. Our children are able to learn the basics of gardening and home-grown produce in the most practical (and delicious) way.


Students enjoy our regular swimming lessons, provided by local Swimming School ‘CMe Swim School’. Children are given personal attention to ensurer that everyone is able to grow and develop their swimming skills in a safe, fun environment.

Barnyard Friends

Barnyard Friends is a Safety programme which provides an education on common risks and dangers to young children. The children are taught by way of stories with a clear moral message and includes farmyard animals that the children can relate to.


Our children love our Yoga classes, held by professional Yoga instructors at the centre in air-conditioned comfort. These classes encourage focus, breathing, and stretching exercises that help with physical development.


Music is essential for the development of all children. Our Music classes allow our children to explore their creative side and learn new skills in a fun and playful environment.


Our Soccer classes are always a favourite with the children. Giving children the opportunity to run and exercise on the open field, Soccer lessons are an important part of our Outdoor education programme.

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