Summer Activites at Sunshine Day Care Centre Cairns

By November 4, 2016November 8th, 2016Information

As it starts to heat up, we in Cairns know that it can be difficult to keep our children active as well as safe from the sun and heat.

We will be continuing our regular outdoor education activities of soccer and swimming, along with plenty of healthy outdoor play time in one of our many outdoor playgrounds onsite.

To ensure our children are kept active and comfortable, our yoga classes are held indoors in the air-conditioned classrooms and all playground activities are undertaken with the added protection of mandatory hats and within our sun-shaded play zones.

Sunshine Day Care Centre Cairns is a locally owned family business and we welcome you to come and see us today about how we can make your child part of our happy family.

Dorn Trout | Owner of Sunshine Day Care Centre